final cake disco

SEPTEMBER 7-10, 2023

Cake By The Lake will take place at a private campground nestled in the woods along the shore of Lake Erie, near Wallacetown, Ontario Canada. 

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We welcome you to Cake By The Lake (the sequel)
An intimate and inclusive music celebration like no other

If you are a past guest, a friend of ours, a friend of a friend, a family member, someone we met for 2 minutes but we knew you’d fit the vibe, or anyone in between – you are invited to share this experience with us. 

What started as our unique alternative to getting married, is now an annual invite-only super-micro festival of our own.

At Cake By The Lake, we celebrate the groovy and vibrant energy of the disco era while adding our unique twist of embracing the wonderfully weird. We are inspired by the sweaty spirit of a 70’s dance floor, yet our carefully curated lineup of artists (friends!) spans a wide array of genres. The diverse musical styles guarantee that there’s something for everyone, ensuring that each guest finds their own euphoric moment on the dance floor.

But, we also understand that the magic of music events and gatherings lie not just in the beats and melodies, but also in the sense of community that thrives with the right environment and attendees. Our tight-knit private gathering encourages meaningful connections and lasting friendships to blossom, making every party-goer feel like they’re part of something truly special.

We want Cake By The Lake to be a place where uniqueness is not only accepted but cherished. We encourage you to be exactly who you are, free from judgment or expectations. From the outfits to the dance moves, we want everyone’s inner weirdness to shine brightly as possible.

Cake By The Lake is more than just a party – it’s a gathering of friends where the sole purpose is to ensure that every person has the time of their life.

We hope you share our genuine desire to see every person’s face light up with happiness, and you will help us cultivate the magic we know exists within our circle of friends and beyond.

Lastly, at Cake By The Lake we only have one rule…

Crocs are mandatory.

See you in sport mode only – this September 7th-10th!

Love always,

Carly & Jake